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Community/Industry Involvement

Most recently:
Co-founded in 2016 and served as President (3 years) for Wisconsin Chapter of the Exit Planning Institute; currently on chapter leadership team

South Central Wisconsin & State of Wisconsin Boards of Directors – Alzheimer’s Association 2016 to present

Martha Sullivan


Madison, WI

A one-time information systems consultant turned her most brilliant act of rebellion into a career as a CPA, CFO, COO, and profit & value growth strategist, consulting to hundreds of clients and colleagues over the past three decades.

Martha Sullivan, President of Provenance Hill Consulting, LLC, founded her firm with one purpose: to help business owners build, buy and sell strong, profitable companies that are attractive enough for someone to want to buy it when the owner decides to chase their next adventure. It’s not just a transaction at that point; it’s a transformation.

Maximizing the value and transferability of a company requires finding that right balance between its rewards and risks. Profitability isn’t enough. It doesn’t happen overnight.

It demands a conscious, disciplined effort to integrate the needs of the business, the family, and the individual.

It’s not exit planning. It’s strategic life planning.

Provenance Hill Consulting: Where Business Transformations Begin.

Examples of some of Martha’s work can be found at:

In Forbes – “Royal Family’s Crisis Has Lessons For All Family Businesses,” https://rebrand.ly/sullivanforbes

Martha’s blog can be found at In Business Magazine – https://ibmadison.com/viewpoints/exit-stage-right

She was recently featured in the Exit Planning Institute’s Whitepaper “A Look Inside the Unique World of Value Creation”

The Authentic Business Adventures podcast: Prepare to Sell Your Business – Martha Sullivan – Ep177


Our core services include strategic and exit planning services including readiness assessments, discovery, planning facilitation and accountability frameworks. We know that stronger companies earn better valuations and guide owners and their management teams to transform the business so it is more sustainable, transferable and valuable – now and in the future.

We specialize in family businesses having served as an executive in two different family owned enterprises.

We are committed to a holistic approach that cares for the business owner’s personal, personal financial and business goals.

As for what makes us unique? There’s that wicked sense of humor, down-to-earth approach, and forthright style that comes with every client interaction. Plus, we believe in collaboration with other advisors. Together, we create better outcomes.


The initial steps includes a discovery process focused on what you, the business owner is looking to achieve and what the ideal outcome is. It may also include discovery around the strengths of the company, its potential value and how it fits into your long term financial plan.

Upon completion of the discovery process, we work to tailor the next steps to what makes the most sense and gets you closer to your goals. While we have many tools within our process, it is not cookie cutter.

At Provenance Hill, we believe it’s important to meet you where you are at, not shoe-horn you into our “process.”

Born out east but been in living in Madison, Wisconsin area most of my life.

College included a couple of years at Colorado College before coming back home to finish my degree in Information Systems, and later Accounting, at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Playtime is hiking, biking, writing, reading and quilting.

Married and parent to two aspiring adults that are grown & flown.