Finances For Individuals

Retirement Planning

Retirement is front of mind for many people, but what it means to you may look different from what it means to your neighbor. We're here to help you navigate the many life decisions that come with retirement planning and to help you develop the best path possible to meet these goals.


Are you confident that your financial plan, investment portfolio and/or savings are positioning your resources to meet your goals? Have you clearly set your investment goals? Mobius Financial Advisors works closely with clients like you to review your existing investment portfolio, determine if any changes are needed and monitor your investments on an ongoing basis.

Education Planning

Do you have a young and/or growing family? Are you prepared for the education expenses that your children will accumulate over the first two and a half decades of their life? College tuition in 2033 is projected to be over $320,000 for private colleges and close to $100,000 for public in-state universities - not including room and board and other expenses.

These costs add up quickly; you need a plan to help ensure the best education for your children, and maybe even yourself. With today's changing tax landscape, it's even more critical for your financial advisor to understand your options and be able to guide you through them step by step.

Insurance Planning

Did you know that there are many different types of insurance outside of the standard home, auto and life insurance options that most people are familiar with? Have you ever considered using an insurance plan to help fund your charitable gifts? Having a comprehensive plan that includes insurance is critical and can often lead to a lower level of risk within your overall financial plan.

Mobius offers a comprehensive selection of insurance solutions so that we can determine and recommend the best options for your individual situation. We also have a specialized focus in planned giving within insurance solutions.