Upcoming Webinar | Intro to Exit Planning: How to Maximize the Value of Your Business

Is your business as valuable as you hope it is? Join Certified Exit Planner, Ray Croff for a 60-minute webinar to learn how businesses are valued and strategies to ensure you are building an efficient, profitable, and valuable business.

Your business may look healthy on your balance sheet, but that doesn’t always equal value. By addressing key areas, you can optimize your business to run more efficiently, substantially increase profits, and turn your business into a valuable asset that can continue on for generations or be highly sought after for purchase.

Even if you aren’t considering selling your business, the principles Ray teaches will help you create a healthier, more efficient, and highly profitable business.

This webinar will:

  • Communicate the benefits of the Value Acceleration Methodology which focuses on identifying, protecting, maximizing, harvesting and managing owner and family wealth
  • Describe the three critical components of a successful transition process
  • Describe the key roles of each of the team members involved in exit planning
  • Understand how the Value of a Business is determined
  • Understand the internal and external factors that affect the value of the business

Date & Time

August 25, 2020
7:30 am – 8:30 am


Ray Croff


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